Affable Technology is a software firm and professional IT training institute that provides the high level of IT training for the students who comes to this institution.

The main objective of Affable Technology is to provide world-class service in the fields of Android Application Development,  Web Design & Development, Graphics Design , CCTV Setupment ,Office Management and IT Support and other related service to the people.

The main theme of Affable Technology is creative at work that means this firms helps the students to build up their creativity. Affable Technology plans to operate in sole proprietorship from to establish the project at the most important location of the city. Our Affable Technology  is incorporated with one floors with beautiful flyover view.

We will provide best service to every student. Wifi facility is also available. Most of the trainers of Affable Technology are expert in their own field. So this is a better opportunity for the novice students to acquire knowledge from the expertise trainer.

Affable Technology is a combination of Software solution center and also training center. It  is the firm that solves software related problem and build new software to make it easy for the user and hopefully better then any other because  Affable Technology has the enough expert trainer and programmer so that they are able to provide better service than any other software firm.

Affable Technology is one of the promising software, web application & mobile application companies of Bangladesh which aims at creating a new standard in the era of software technology.